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well...lemme explain the scores I gave you:

Graphics: You get a 6/10 because the graphics of the characters and the animation were ok, but you lost 4 points because the backgrounds and extra shit just looked fucking horrible.

Style: I don’t know. I'll give you a 4/10 on this one because you came up with some good stuff, but I just can't help not noticing how similar this is to SB email.

Sound: 9/10 The sound was really nice...only that scream made me burst into tears as my ears where ripped apart!

Violence: HAHA...funny the way that stuff got into the guys eyes...

Humor: I didn't really find many of your "jokes" very funny except for the beginning and of course, the part with the screaming guy...

OVERALL: It's a decent animation. Work on your jokes a little more, improve the background graphics and add a little more detail to all your drawings. And try not to make your stuff too much like SB email...


JKR responds:

Wow, that's quite a useful review! Thank you very much. It's so much nicer when someone explains things and gives insight on how they think the work can be improved as well as what they liked. Well I'm glad you at least enjoyed some of it well enough, and that you got a chuckle out of the screaming guy. Don't worry, I've certainly learned my lesson about EVER submitting anything to NG that is in ANY way like ANYTHING else... Sigh. Oh well, next time will have to be better!


I was expecting it to be a Metalica music video...but this just plain sucked...

LOL...not bad in my opinion

I thought it was pretty well done. I didn't get the point of it...but thats not so important. What grade did you get on this???


Seriously...this is THE best flash I have ever seen. Im going to vote 5 on this every day!!!...


LOL...that what some really funny stuff..usually I hate clock stuff but this was great ^_^

Hella funny...

Hella funny...but the graphics and the sounds need some real improvement...


I was a huge dan of this toon arround x-mas time until some time in january and I showed it to all my friend because I loved it so much...I can't believe that this toon is still in the top 50. But hey...you deserved it. This is my all time favorite toon although I don't laugh at it anymore because I've watched it about 50 time (at least). Great JOB!!!


..that was just wierd and messed up. Whats the point?

It was cool but...

meh..the graphics were VERY good, so where the sounds and the ideas for the characters. I've seen the other CS toons you've made and I must say this one is the worst discluding CS_Mansion...it was just very boring...Shoot shoot...bla bla bla...lame ideas except for the dumbass scene...keep it a little more realistic. I also didn't like that you put a stick fight in there. I hate sticks!
Still, very good graphics and I can see you put a lot of work into this. Keep it up, but be funnier!

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